One Soullution

One Soullution is a professional and personalised service of Psychological Assistance and Support in different modalities and Stage Presence Coaching online. It is an accessible, confidential and practical option that facilitates life processes of change and development throughout the combination of practical knowledge, experience, and the finest techniques and technologies; an expression channel where, wheater not instantaneous solutions, but elements to take the first step, regardless if you consider yourself immersed on an simple situation or a high complexity one.



"After two hundred and thousand years of existence, we live a key era for healing, expansion of consciousness and inner peace creation, not only as intrinsic and natural aspects of life, but as agents that place us at the next level of human evolution".


In this century, interaction with family, friends, a partner, colleagues and new people has grown exponentially since smart phones applications. However, It would seem there is a lack of real connection out there, the most basic and necessary one included: the connection with oneself.

The consequences? A widespread malaise in all spheres of life: Physical health, mood, concentration and rest, which impacts directly on the peace of mind, security absence and personal satisfaction.

Ackknowledging the lack of control at life setbacks, sometimes, can be exhausting and painful, particularly if it appears the person can not get ahead by oneself and occasionally, behavior patterns become self-destructive. Whichever the situation is, truth is no one is alone.

If you are going through a difficult moment, feel stucked with uncertainty, or simply want to be listened, this is a committed space, free of judgment, where tranquility and empathy are offered to re-connect with who you really are.

Also, if the spiritual path as a part

personal development resonates within you, here you will find an option for it.

Have you ever experienced performance anxiety or stage fright when speaking in public? Have you imagined a more secure, convincing and relaxed version of yourself? If you are an actor, singer, lecturer, teacher, presenter, politician, or just want to get more confidence to perform or speak in public, on stage or in front of the cameras, One Soullution offers world-class distance learning to achieve your personal and professional objectives.

I invite you to read through the site, so, you have an accurate idea of the services One Soullution offers, in order to benefit from them.

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Welcome, everyone!


"Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head".

William Shakespeare.


Much more, coming soon...