E-mail Counselling

Suitable for a specific situation or if you prefer to contact in writing. You will receive a response within 48 hours maximum. Your query should be booked as any service, selecting date and time you make it, then send it to .

AUD$20 - PROMO: $15

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Listening Session

Aimed at anyone who has the simple need to be heard or to raise a specific situation that is not considered an emergency, of which has some control, even though requires attention. 

*30 Min. AUD$35 - PROMO: $25

*45 Min. AUD$49 - PROMO: $40


Psychological Assistance & Support

An intervention model with follow-up sessions which are flexible according to the consultant's time. It allows to develop a course of action from short to middle term. 

*60 Min. AUD$59 - PROMO: $35 

*90 Min. AUD$79 - PROMO: $45

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Spiritual Counselling

Study modality and psychological attention based on Spiritual Metaphysics, understood as the study of reality beyond its physical manifestation.

It is a non-dualistic vision that addresses the thought system in which the concepts of identity [ego] and world are anchored. This approach is extensive, that is, it includes personal circumstances in a total sense of existence: The relationship with the rest of alive beings, matter and the spatio-temporal dimension, where an abstract intelligence, known in many languages ​​as Source or Divinity, is the cornerstone of who we are and our function.

The intervention is not based on any religion, it is not in opposition to other paths either. It is thought as a session to train the mind, find answers and their derived actions, since deep reflection is of little use witho no practical application. Unlike the other services with short or midle term results, this service could mark the beginning of a long-term personal journey.

*50 Min. AUD$49 - PROMO: $30

*80 Min. AUD$69 - PROMO: $45 

Stage Presence Coaching

Aimed to actors, singers, lecturers, politicians or any professional who interacts with the public. Useful for preparing auditions, texts, speeches or songs [interpretation].

Material's approaching, creative and assembly process are reviewed throughout the session, assisted with bibliographic and audiovisual material if necessary. Recording of audio or video by the stakeholder[s] is common to support the sessions, so it is essential to have access to the technology that allows them to do it.

This service is also dedicated to applicants of acting or singing careers who seek vocational guidance and answers to what they could expect or not, in the professional practice of these disciplines.

*60 Min. AUD$59 - PROMO: $35 

*90 Min. AUD$79 - PROMO: $49